Inspire NLP : Policies, Terms and Conditions


Inspire NLP and its therapeutic practitioners focus their attention and service on the individual; their perspectives, their needs and their abilities.

We seek to treat our service users, therapists, and those with whom we come into contact with, with dignity and respect, irrespective of:

Gender identity/reassignment
Religion and Belief:
Sexual orientation;
Marriage or civil partnership
Pregnancy and maternity.
Caring Status
Socio-economic background

in order to ensure a culture of mutual respect and tolerance. 

 We strive to create an environment in which bullying, harassment, victimisation and both direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour cannot not exist and will be actively challenged

As an organisation we recognise our responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) and are committed to both meeting and exceeding them.

We believe equality of opportunity is fundamental to good practice and celebrate our role as providers of information, advice and guidance where fairness of opportunity for all is a basic right and the individuality of all

For equality to be achieved this policy needs to be supported and embraced by all involved with Inspire NLP.

We shall ensure commitment to equality and diversity byl meeting our responsibilities under current legislation, codes of practice

We will seek empowerment of our clients through the work that we do

We will encourage and provide support for the ongoing personal development of all within the organisation.

We will ensure that services offered are consistent with, and promote equality, opportunity

We will communicate our equality commitments to all staff, subcontractors, service users, suppliers, stakeholders, in line with individual access needs.

D – Different
I – Individuals
V – Valuing
E – Each other
R – Regardless of
S – Skin
I – Intellect
T -Talent or
Y – Years

Professional Practice Codes and Ethics

It is essential that, when working with clients, practitioners

Set the boundaries of confidentiality at the start of an interview. 

This is a verbal contract with the client and must be reaffirmed or renegotiated as circumstances change.

Inform customers that the information they give will be recorded unless they do not wish it to be

Explain to clients why INSPIRE NLP or you as a practitioner may hold information about them – name, contact details, notes relating to therapeutic process

Do not disclose personal information about a client to a third party organisation or individual without first obtaining the client’s informed consent unless it is done so under contract requirements or a know statutory obligation.

Ensure that everything that you record is factual and not based on hearsay or influenced by your own opinion;

Make clients aware of their rights to see the information held about them

The Data Protection Principles (Data Protection Act 1998)

INSPIRE NLP. is a registered data user under the Data Protection Act 1998 and must comply with the Data Protection Principles in relation to the personal data held.

Broadly, these principles state that personal data shall be:

o fairly and lawfully processed;
o processed for specified purposes;
o adequate, relevant and not excessive;
o accurate and up to date;
o not kept longer than necessary;
o processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject;
o secure against unauthorised processing, loss or damage to date;
o not transferred to countries outside of the EU without adequate protection
Ensuring Best Practice

o The consent of the individual data subject must be obtained before sensitive personal information is processed.
o The explicit informed consent of the individual data subject must be obtained before their personal information can be shared with a third party organisation or individual.
o Exceptions to this are where there is a contractual requirement (e.g. with the Local Authority contracts); or where there is a legal requirement or duty to disclose information; or where there is a risk of serious harm or threat to life or to national security.
o Customers have a right to see all information held on them.
o Staff requesting to see their personal data should apply in writing to the Personnel department.

It is required that all therapy/practitioner members of INSPIRE NLP adhere to the Data Protection Principles described above in their everyday handling and recording of personal information, whether on computer or paper.

Information about the organisation

If an individual, acting either on his/her own part or on behalf of an organisation, seeks information, members should consider whether the information is already in the public arena.
For example, information published for external use will often be available via the company websites.

Some examples are:
o Annual reports
o Financial statements (if filed in Company House)
o Company brochures and leaflets on services
o Aggregated information on destinations
o Business Plan Summary Guide

If the information sought about the organisation is not available in the public arena, it should be treated as INSPIRE NLP – CONFIDENTIAL and release of this information, e.g. for negotiating contracts or partnership agreements, must be cleared with the Director first .

o Full versions of the Business Plan
o Minutes and notes of meetings, except where published on the internet.
o Board papers and internal reports
o Financial information
o All information on the organisation’s Members Only area

In all matters relating to the organisation the Director has the final say in what can and cannot be made public

Complaints Procedure

Any Practitioner Registered with Inspire NLP will be able show:-

Their certificate of training completion

Their insurance certification

And upon request a code of ethics and ethical practice

Should you have a complaint about the service you have received from any of our registered practitioners then you are invited to contact Inspire NLP directly at..


Inspire NLP,

76 Green Lane,



UK TR15 1LT\




GDPR Requirements 2018 

This policy covers personal and confidential information held by the organisation and its members.

Such information may be about clients or members of INSPIRE NLP or about company business; it may be held on computer (including cd, dvd, back up tapes) or on paper.

‘INSPIRE NLP – WILL Protect – Personal’ information in any information from which an individual can be identified. This includes photographs.

‘INSPIRE NLP – RECOGNISES that Confidential’ information covers personal information and any information that is related to the organisation that is not already in the public arena.

The Key Features of the General Data Protection Requirement Legislation specifically related to email and newsletter lists.

CONSENT : Your consent for the keeping of data will be actively sought. In terms of clients and learners with Inspire NLP this consent will sought as part of your formal agreements with the company. In terms of email lists and newsletters your consent to receiving such will be part of a separate process. 

You have the right to withdraw consent to receiving newsletters and marketing emails at any time by contacting with the message ‘FORGET ME’. 

If, however, you are following a course of instruction with Inspire NLP, it will be necessary for us to keep such data as learning records and contact information for required legal reasons. .There may be occasions where Inspire NLP has no choice but to retain data for a certain length of time, even though consent for using it has been withdrawn. In terms of NLP Practitioner Registration and the Registering Body Inspire NLP will be required to keep information about your eligibility to practice as a therapist.


Where and how you gave consent.

Contact details as agreed during the opt-in process generally name, email

Practitioner Qualifications and CPD Records, if a Registered Practitioner with INSPIRE NLP, generally learner Details and Assessment Records, if a learner registered with INSPIRE NLP

Where Inspire NLP or Alan Jones are engaged by a different training organisation relevant learner data will be shared with that centre (see below)

You can email to request a copy of your personal information that is being held by Inspire NLP and to inform us of any changes to information that we currently hold.

To reiterate your consent to Inspire NLP keeping data for courses and workshops is separate from that required for newsletter and email marketing purposes.

OTHER PARTIES : We currently use Mail Chimp as our Third Party mailing service, they are GDPR compliant and whilst they store our email lists, Inspire NLP is responsible for maintaining their accuracy. All emails sent through this service will have clear opt-in and opt-out processes. We also use Insightly and Hubspot as part of our customer management processing. The information held ‘in the cloud’ by these services relates to specific projects and contracts currently being worked-upon or developed. Again Inspire NLP is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the data and they serve as a storage point. They secure, GDPR compliant and only accessible via protected passwords by the named Data Controller for Inspire NLP.

On-Line Courses – we currently use YesCourse as our delivery platform. They manage sign-ups to and payments for the courses. Your payment details for courses are processed through either PaPal or Stripe. We do not have access to that secure information, but will have access to your registration details (name and email), course progress and comments. Registration for courses means that you will receive course updates and news, BUT does not automatically sign your up for ANY other service, You may, however,  be invited to opt-in to other services.

Inspire NLP is the legal entity overseeing all aspects if work conducted by Dr Alan Jones under the trading names of Your Future History, The Dream Realisation Technique and also supports the Elyn Bres Project (Clear Mind) and the Director is the nominated Data Controller for these facets of the organisation.

Inspire NLP and Alan Jones currently work with the following organisations who will have their own GDPR compliance arrangements: Questions and Answers CIC; Volunteer Cornwall; Penwith Community Development Trust.

Occasional work, such as Keynote Lectures, Seminars and Workshops with Schools and Colleges will not require Inspire NLP or Alan Jones to keep attendees personal data. This responsibility will fall to the contracting organisation.

It should be understood that therapists are privy to confidential information only in their capacity as private practitioners and, therefore, ‘confidential’ means confidential to the organisation and to any member of Inspire NLP in their own right. All Registered Practitioners will have their own compliance processes.


If you have any questions relating to this policy and YOUR DATA please contact 

Alan Jones who as Director of Inspire NLP is nominated Data Controller


Inspire NLP may work with another training provider, in which case they will be involved in securing payments and fees for courses.

Courses provided by Inspire NLP.

Fees will be paid in advance through the payment mechanism agreed at the point of sale.

On-line payments will be through PayPal, Square or Stripe.

FULL PAYMENT OPTIONS mean that the full fee for a course will be paid up-front, in advance of the course starting and will generally have discounts built in for this kind of payment.

MONTHLY INSTALMENT OPTIONSmean that part payment for the course being undertaken will be accepted and that the learner has entered into an agreement to pay the required amounts as and when specificied


Once a course has been paid for (either in full or through options) refunds can be requested upto seven days after the date of payment, or seven days before the course starts, whichever is the sooner.

This will give the learner time to review agreements, course expectations and in some cases materials.

In terms of on-line courses it means that they will have access to some of the course materials.

Refunds after this date will not be given unless…

a) The Learning/Delivery platform suffers a catastrophic failure resulting the courses having to be withdrawn.

b) The tutor is unable to run the course for reasons beyond his or her control.

c) The learner has negotiated a part refund of full payment due to personal circumstances. Such refunds are not automatic and are at the discretion of Inspire NLP

Scheduled Payments

Should a learner fail to make an agreed payment they will be given a period of grace of seven days to make good on their agreement. After this point access to on-line provision will be withdrawn and all rights and privileges of membership of Inspire NLP will be withdrawn.

There will be no-refund of any fees already paid, even though the course will not have been completed. In such instances the learner will be deemed to have withdrawn themselves from the course.

It MAY be possible for learners to negotiate a re-entry at the point at which they withdrew at a later date  This will be at the discretion of Inspire NLP.

No certificate will be awarded until all course fees have been received and processed by Inspire NLP


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