Practitioners Currently Registered with Inspire NLP.

Dr Alan Jones PhD FRSA Director Inspire & Lead Trainer Inspire NLP With coaching and training experience in Education (Schools, Colleges and Universities) as well as in Multi-National Companies Alan brings a diverse range of skills to his work

As co-developer of the Level 2, 3 and 5 NLP courses Alan leads the training input at Inspire NLP.
As a Therapist he works with individuals who are dealing with personal, emotional and educational issues.

He is an accredited De Bono Thinking Skills consultant as well as winner of two innovation awards for Peer Mentoring and Learner Motivation An active interest in the transpersonal dimensions of human experience he works in a holistic way integrating aspects of Core Shamanism and Reiki into some areas of his work. He is developer of Nwyfre – a fully holistic approach based within a framework of Celtic Myth and Heroic Archetypes. 

Maria Clifton-Dey has worked for over 15 years as a fully qualified & insured Holistic Therapist, Healer & Trainer in London & Cornwall.
Since re-locating to Cornwall in 2010 she has undertaken further training in NLP Psychotherapy, as a mindfulness coach & has a Certificate in Education & Training.

With 10years experience working within the NHS, it is her passion to see the integration of holistic healing within medicine and is a member of the Doctor Healer Network who work to promote this.

Our relationship with food and eating disorders are a particular area of interest. She has most of her work through word of mouth and her ability to create a safe place for people to heal, on whatever level, & to put people at their ease are her strengths. she offers one-to-one therapy sessions, group work & Reiki training in all levels.

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Emma Rachel May is a fully qualified and registered NLP practitioner providing therapeutic coaching and counselling services to both young people and adults throughout Cornwall. Along with many years of experience Emma has an Award in Education and Training and a Certificate in Education and Training and with Aweni Therapeutic Coaching offers support to individuals and groups with personal development courses, holistic therapy workshops and various esoteric courses.
Providing a safe, inviting and comfortable environment, Emma will help you to address any issues you may have such as addictions, phobias, mental health concerns, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and panic, depression, personality, mood and psychotic disorders, relationship counseling, personal motivational coaching and meditation and mindfulness training.

Following a client-centered, solutions focused approach which blends mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and motivational techniques, Emma will help you set your personal goals and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Teaching you valuable tools and coping strategies that will empower you and enable you to make beneficial changes that will enhance your lifestyle. You will learn to take control of your life, become a bette.

Denise Lockwood was one of the early graduates in NLP from Inspire NLP (at that time Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology). She is also a Hypnotherapist with an active interest in diet and nutrition.

In the past her work has also focused on parenting and she has worked for several parent support networks within Cornwall has a trainer and facilitator.

Denise is very interested in the spiritual aspects of life and often works as an intuitive healer,

Hazel Bailey is passionate about health & wellbeing, the environment and nature, offering a range of eco-therapy services on a one to one or group basis. A qualified and accredited NLP Practioner combining a background in counselling and teaching serves to all ages, enables Hazel to provide a range of counselling, coaching and eco services including: weight loss and habit breaking, relationship recovery, personal coaching and active listening therapy. provides information on the range of services, with new opportunities regularly added. Maholochi martial arts, survival skills for travellers (perfect for gap year students), natural skin care product making, yoga and more.

In conjunction with Maholochi, Hazel runs two services that promote wellbeing and mindfulness within the local community:

Happy Heads Wellbeing provides awareness of bullying sessions in schools, promoting wellbeing and prevention of mental health issues in primary aged children, incorporating mindfulness and group interaction, full details and contact available at

Additionally, Free Range Learning in Cornwall..

Dave Tamblyn has worked as a Life Coach and Trainer for a number of years with individuals as well as organisations.


Those awarded NLP Level 5 qualifications from Inspire but not currently registered as practitioners…


  • Hannah Brewis
  • Maureen Sleeman
  • Kaye Antonia
  • Graham DeLyons
  • John Goulding
  • Trina Missons 
  • Helen Stone 
  • Tina Tremain


  • Peter Williams
  • Mary Daniels
  • Phil Savory
  • Richard Holmes
  • David Marks
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